Mitutoyo MF-B2017D Measuring Microscope

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The MF measuring microscopes can be combined with Mitutoyo’s vision unit to boost its performance and data management on a PC, further improving measuring efficiency and productivity.


  • Observation with a crisp and high-resolution erect image and a wide field of view
  • Measuring accuracy that is highest in its class (and conforms to JIS B 7153)
  • ML series, high-NA objectives that are specially designed for the MF series (long working distance type)
  • Illumination unit (reflected/transmitted) selectable from a high-intensity LED or halogen bulb (selection required)
  • Variable aperture diaphragm (reflected/transmitted) allows observation measurement while suppressing light diffraction
  • Variety of standardized stages in sizes up to 400 x 200mm
  • Quick-release mechanism useful for moving the stage quickly when measuring workpieces that are large in size or quantity
  • Coarse/fine feed handles equipped as standard on both sides allow precise focus and observation measurement regardless of handedness
  • High-magnification eyepiece observation up to 2000x
  • Standard measuring microscope has a wide variety of optional accessories including a vision unit and various digital CCD cameras
Technical Data
Optical tube Monocular or Binocular (Must Choose)
25° depression angle
90° broken cross-hair reticle (12AAG836)
Erect image
TV Mount 50/50
Observation image Erect Image
Observation type Bright Field
Eyepiece lens 10x (Included with Tube)
15x (Optional)
20x (Optional)
Objective Magnification: 3x (Included)
W.D.: 3.03″ (77mm); N.A.: .09
Optional: 1x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
Light source Halogen or LED (Must Choose)
Adjustable aperture diaphragms
Light intensity infinitely adjustable
Transmitted illumination Telecentric illumination
Reflected illumination Koehler illumination
Display Unit
Number of axis 3 axis (MF-B Type)
Resolution 0.0001″ / 0.00005″ / 0.00001″ (0.001 mm / 0.0005 mm / 0.0001 mm)
Functions Data output, Axis linear compensation, Metric or English Units, and more
Stage Precision travel (2.2+0.02L)μm accuracy
High-accuracy linear glass scales
Quick-release floating mode
Zero-set button
Power consumption 45W LED, 160W Halogen, 120V AC, 50/60 Hz
Mass 326 lbs. / 148 kg
Counter X, Y, Z
XY stage travel range 8 x 7″ / 200 x 170mm
Z-axis travel range 8.7″ / 220mm
Focusing method Manual focusing (Coarse focusing: 30mm/rev., Fine focusing: 0.2mm/rev.)
Measurement method Linear encoder (3-axis model: X / Y / Z-axis)
Resolution (switchable) .0001″ / .00005″ / .00001″ (0.001mm / 0.0005mm / 0.0001mm)
Measuring accuracy (at 20°C) XY-axis: (2.2+0.02L)μm, L = Measuring length (mm) when not loaded, JIS B 7153
Indication accuracy (at 20°C) Z-axis: (5+0.04L)μm, L = Measuring length (mm), (MF-B type)
Floating function X and Y axis with Quick-release mechanism
XY stage top size 16.1 x 13.4″ / 410 x 342mm
Effective glass size 10.6 x 9.4″ / 270 x 240mm
Swivel function ±5° (left)
Max. stage loading 44lbs / 20kg
Max. workpiece height 8.7″ / 220mm


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